5 ways to earn money and remain a wanderer.

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5 ways to earn money and remain a wanderer.

written on 14/09/2016 5:11pm

When you plan a trip away, whether it be a city break or a trip of a life time the duration of the trip is usually determined by how much you can afford. No one is ever ready to come home from their adventures; you always need just a little longer.

The typical answer to 'how long are you going away for' is almost always ‘until my money runs out.’ Especially for gap year travels or sabbaticals.  The figure on your bank statement uncontrollably declining, a sand timer slowly counting down the days you have left. A terrible reminder that your days of exemption are numbered and soon you must go back to reality.

Here are some ways you can top up your bank balance at the same time as topping up your sun screen and earn some Dollars, Euros or Rupees without committing to a ‘real’ job…

5. Surveys. This option suits anyone with some time to spare and a smart phone, whether you are stuck on the couch or a coach. I find an Airport departure lounge a perfect spot to hook on to some wifi and do some surveys. Mostly these are just for market research and are super quick and easy just about simple likes and dislikes and will pay you on average £3 a survey, which in some parts of Asia can mean another night paid for! Here are some I would recommend: Toluna, VivaticOnePoll (£5 sign up bonus!), MySurvey, SurveyBods.

4. Sell photos. Make the most of being in the place that you are and make some money from your travel photos. If you think you’ve got a good eye with a camera, or even just a good camera and a little creativity, try uploading your photographs to stock websites such as shutter stock, Fotolia Make more money taking photo subjects that people really want, tips here

3. Importing. Why not turn your travels into a profitable shopping trip? Whether buying African jewelry or Indian leather as long as you are a good haggler you can get a bargain and a tidy margin. You can either post them back as you go or take a spare suit case home!

2. Fiverr. This is a fantastic option if you have a specific skill set. Fiverr is an online marketplace used globally which offers a variety of services from independent freelancers. Each ‘gig’ or job starts at a cost of $5 per job performed. Currently the site lists more than three million services ranging between $5 and $500.Graphic design, copy writing, translating, Photoshop or even just tailored advice, you can make money on the move from your skills.

1. Airbnb - Finally the most lucrative option of all, renting out your space! Renting your home or your room while you are away has always been a great and obvious option when deciding to pack up and go traveling, but now with the use of Airbnb your place could be making you two to three times what you would expect to make when renting residentially. Airbnb property management services like Air 360 means (and this is the best part...) that you do not have to do a thing! They take care of the entire process from start to finish, ensuring that your place is booked up, looked after and making you money! You can be sunning yourself in the Bahamas or climbing Kilimanjaro and your earnings are still hitting your bank account every month. A one bedroom central studio apartment could be making you upwards of £2000 a month! With earnings like that you won’t ever have to come home! Air 360 in particular takes such a small percentage of the booking cost that even after the Airbnb charges you are still pocketing 85% of all takings and you don't have to lift a finger.

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