Do you have Host Fatigue?

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Do you have Host Fatigue?

written on 12/08/2016 11:35am

The Airbnb community continues to flourish with more than 640,000 registered properties globally. Through Airbnb an increasing number of hosts are discovering the earning potential of their property or their spare room, and making the decision to become a host. As the number of registered properties increases, so does the number of hosts joining popular Host Forums.

There are many forums a Host can join including Airbnb’s own official hosts forum page. The page is designed for people to exchange tips and advice on how best to run their Airbnb listing and please their guests. The page is full of tales to be told about demanding and misbehaving guests and tips from successful hosts on ways to stand out from the ever growing competition. Amongst the questions and queries asking how others cope with; strangers in their homes, the increasing workload and rising guest expectations a phrase has been born and that phrase is Host Fatigue.

Do you have Host Fatigue?

When you first started hosting …you were excited for every booking and enjoyed meeting your new guests, but now…you resent having them in your space.

When you first started hosting… you welcomed questions and conversation with your guests, but now… they frustrate you with every question they ask and every issue they have is an inconvenience.

When you first started hosting…you were proud of your home and enjoyed getting it ready for your new guests, but now bed making and cleaning is an arduous task that you would rather avoid.

Managing an Airbnb listing can feel like a full-time job. Not only is there the time it takes to set up your listing, but also taking the time to optimise the listing and the pricing strategy, guest messaging prior, during and after their stay and not to mention all the cleaning and laundry. A common theme on the forums is that the work load is much greater than expected. Achieving a consistent impeccable service can be a challenging task for even the most dedicated hosts.

With a huge number of hosts confessing to suffering from Host Fatigue and commenting on how they used to LOVE hosting and meeting new people, but are now starting to resent both the workloads and their guests!  No wonder Property Management services are in high demand. These management companies help with everything from key exchanges to reviewing the guests after they leave. It’s a big decision to make, handing over the baton (or the keys!) as for some the desire for more time and freedom is challenged by their instinct to control and manage the listing themselves especially if their personal hosting standards are high.

Air 360 is the Property Management Answer for Bristol. We have team rich in experience in the hospitality industry that takes care of your listing and the booking process from beginning to end. As the fee’s are a percentage of each booking it is in our interest to keep your property looking pristine, reviewing well and making money. We ensure your guests have a fantastic trip and that your home is looked after so you can put your feet up and forget about Host Fatigue!

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