How to build the perfect listing

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How to build the perfect listing

written on 07/09/2020 12:55pm

We have created this guide to explain how Air360 help you to build the perfect listing...

We start building your listing by discussing your property in depth, creating a clear and accurate depiction of what your property has to offer for guests. We ensure to complete every section of your listing to provide guests with as much information as possible. The more honest and accurate your listing is the better your ratings and reviews will be, as guests know exactly what to expect from your space prior to arrival. There’s a few things we do to help you as a new host to make your listing stand out and help us get you as much revenue as possible:

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Accurate listing details:

We monitor your listing and regularly update it with any new amenities you decide to offer. Your host dashboard will be the hub of your listing, we let landlords have as much or as little involvement as they please. We are happy to handle everything and let you sit back, or the setup of your listing can be a more collaborative process.

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Describe your space:

We ensure that your listing title and description are attractive for what we deem as your target consumer. The title we choose will be informative and contain key words that guests would search to find properties like yours. We change this if the title doesn’t get results. We highlight any key features that your property has which appeal to guests such as free parking, a balcony, great views or a central location.

Use high quality photos:

The photos we use are the first thing the guest sees of your listing. Guests may make a snap decision about whether or not to click on your property for more due to the first one or two images they see. We use a professional photographer to shoot your property and highlight the best parts of your space. We then carefully analyse these photos and order them according to what we think our guests would like most, and change this regularly to check how booking patterns change.

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Set guest expectations accurately:

We outline house rules for guests clearly. If you live in a quiet neighbourhood area, we make this clear as we do not want disruption for your neighbours. In the same way, if your property is above a noisy street we make this clear so guests do not arrive and get a shock! We are honest about any quirks your property may have and are clear about what provisions and services are provided.

Use guest feedback to improve:

As our landlords often live away from Bristol – we act as the eyes on your space. We use a combination of feedback from guests and our cleaner’s feedback to ensure that everything is how it should be and is running smoothly at the property. If any issues are identified, we let our landlords know ASAP and resolve the issues. The quality and quantity of previous guests’ reviews can impact your listings performance and its position in search results, so we make sure it’s our priority to monitor your ratings and analyse how we can improve the experience for your guests.

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Make booking easy:

We value security very highly which is why we have a vetting process for guests – they must provide government identity so we know who is staying in your space. However, once this is provided we make sure to respond to guests quickly and answer any queries they may have so we can get their booking finalised, showing them that we are attentive and welcoming hosts. We also use instant booking where possible to attract last minute reservations. Even though we are a management company we still like to give that personal touch. We are a small team and try to make it so guests interact mainly with one member of our team during their stay. Our team are all also Bristolians so we can provide great local knowledge for our guests. We have created area guides for each part of Bristol which give guests our recommendations for the best food, drink and things to do nearby to the property they’ve booked.

Set competitive pricing:

One of many benefits of using our management service is that we have a team entirely devoted to rates and revenue. This means your property will be analysed prior to your listing being published to ensure your rates are competitive yet generate good revenue. We regularly conduct competitor analysis by looking at similar properties and making sure our rates are streamlined with our competition. We also use seasonal pricing to charge higher rates on days where there are events in Bristol and school or public holidays.

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We hope you found this guide to building the perfect listing useful, and we look forward to helping you with this process as a new landlord with Air360!
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