Insiders Guide to Redland and Cotham

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Insiders Guide to Redland and Cotham

written on 07/04/2022 2:33pm

Located in between Clifton and Gloucester Rd, Redland and Cotham are residential areas of Bristol with local train stations and local pubs. With some unusual Bristol landmarks, and parks perfect for family time and dog walks, it's a great area to explore during your visit to the city.

If you find yourself in the area, make sure to stop off at some of the places noted in our insiders' guide to ensure you make the most of your trip.


If you’re looking for somewhere that’s no-frills – just a good old fashioned pub with a great selection of real ales that occasionally hosts live music, then The Chum Micro is just the place for you! Pop in for a quiet evening with a newspaper and enjoy its traditional setting.

Just up the road is The Clyde. The Clyde is another proper pub where you can go for a good night out with friends, enjoy a large selection of drinks and play a game or two of pool. Along with the no-frills, it has friendly service and a great atmosphere.

Finally, if you’re in the mood for something with some style, then The Shakespeare is the place to be. With a beautiful gastro pub interior and a great selection of drinks, it’s a great place to meet with friends or take the family for a freshly prepared and well-cooked meal. Holding a weekly quiz, it’s full of atmosphere and has a spacious garden out back, perfect for a summer's eve.


For a great atmosphere and some delicious, homemade gastropub-style food, pop into The Shakespeare in Redland. It has a lovely warm and very cosy interior and a great selection of drinks. They also hold a Quiz night on Mondays, which is great for a get-together.

Some other great places to dine in the area are Casa Mexicana, for a great authentic Mexican experience with a wonderful evening atmosphere and even better Sangria! You’ll walk away full and merry for this one. And there’s also Falafel King, which is perfect for some vegetarian Middle Eastern food. Pop in for a light lunch, or dine in their downstairs cavern in the evenings for a full feast of traditional falafel-based dishes.


Whether you’re out with family or friends, you’ll find something interesting while you explore the area. Just in the middle of Redland and Cotham, you’ll find Cotham Grove, with a kid’s play park and tennis course, and just up from here is the Redland train station. The train station is a great place to travel around Bristol, but it’s also a wonderful place to stop and enjoy watching the time fly, as trains come and go.

If you cross the road from Redland train station to Kensington Road you can find the famous ‘House that Smells’. It's a pink house with a brown wicker nose attached to the side of it and although it has seen better days, it’s still a weird and wonderful landmark that shows the true essence of Bristol. So make sure to pop by and give it a pick!


Starting at the top of the hill at Cotham Grove, the garden is great for some family time and is always full of happy dog walkers, getting out to stretch their legs. With a kid's play area and some sports courts behind, it’s a great place to go for some fresh air and light exercise.

As you carry on down past the kids' play area, you’ll come to Lovers Walk, which takes you over the bridge, across the Redland train station railway tracks. If you like watching time go by, trainspotting from here is the perfect afternoon activity and especially great for the little ones. 

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