Introducing Air360

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Introducing Air360

written on 27/07/2016 4:15pm
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Bristol’s hassle free property management service which could double your revenue!

Bristol’s tourism economy is now worth £1.2 billion annually, this vast and increasing number is heavily due to the city’s ever growing events and festival scene. With Bristol in the aftermath of another successful Harbor Festival and the Balloon Fiesta on the horizon, visitors to Bristol are searching for short term flexible accommodation for their stay.

With over 81,000 Airbnb listings in the UK and over 60 million users’ worldwide, the online marketplace which connects people to available vacation rentals has taken the rental market by storm.

Short term lettings are incredibly lucrative compared to long term residential lettings (between 60% and 100% more profitable!), and you still have the advantage of being able to use it for personal use on the odd week or month a year when you choose, but it does come with its cons.

  • First and foremost- The time... oh the time, with guests changing over every few days’, the time you need to set aside for your side project is now a full time job! The bedding and towels need to be laundered and rooms cleaned to a hotel standard, managing availability and being available for guests to check in and out at a convenient time for them can be quite an ordeal.
  • The hidden costs, once you pay the cleaners hourly rate, laundry costs, maintenance and of course covered all of your time, it too often works out more than you budgeted for. Luckily for you we have 50 years of hotel experience, which includes an extremely efficient work force to maximize your revenue. We keep costs down and keep a keen eye on competitors pricing, availability and local events to make sure your property is making you maximum takings on every booking.

Imagine if you could let out your property with all the benefits of a short term let but none of the hassle! – That’s where Air 360 comes in.

At Air 360 we have a highly skilled and experienced team of hotel professionals to look after your guests every step of the way. Our extremely efficient process ensures that your property has maximum earning potential to make your time freer and your wallet fuller whilst giving your guests an unbeatable service.



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