Is your Airbnb Family Friendly?

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Is your Airbnb Family Friendly?

written on 20/08/2021 1:23pm

With more and more families choosing Airbnb over more traditional holiday accommodation, it’s worth making your Airbnb family friendly. We’ve put together some recommendations on how to make an Airbnb listing suitable for a family friendly holiday.

Why should my Airbnb cater for families?

Families are one of the fastest growing segments in the market, so it makes sense to make sure your property can capture their business. Also, as families are less likely to hop around with one night here and one night there (children come with a LOT of luggage), they’re more likely to stay somewhere for a longer period of time – which can mean a more stable flow of income.

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What are families looking for in holiday accommodation?

Amenities are a must if you’re selling your property as a family friendly holiday rental. A washing machine and other laundry facilities, a fully equipped kitchen and a good-sized bathroom (ideally with a tub for kids’ bath-time) are essentials. Cots and high chairs are also always welcome.

In terms of location, a park within walking distance is always a benefit, as are parking facilities. Even better if your property is close to local amenities such as supermarkets or cafes – and it’s a big bonus if you’re close to local attractions for walkable day trips with the kids.

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Is your Airbnb kid friendly?

Help your family guests feel welcome and secure by ensuring you have the following in place:

  • A working smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detector on every floor, and in all sleeping areas.
  • Removable safety gates for stairs.
  • Mattress protectors will give parents peace of mind that they won’t have to pay for a new mattress if their child wets the bed.
  • Keep anything hazardous like cleaning products and medicines out of reach of tiny hands by keeping them from low-lying cupboards or by installing safety latches on kitchen/bathroom cupboard doors.
  • Make sure TVs and heavy furniture is secured by using wall-mountings, brackets, braces or wall straps to avoid toppling. Also, don’t leave anything easily breakable in the house.
  • Highlight any potential issues in the neighbourhood that might affect a family, such as if there are any major roads on the route to the park or if any neighbours have large dogs that might bark and startle small children.

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Making families feel at home

Travelling with a family can sometimes be a little stressful with so much to consider. Make your guests’ stay as smooth as possible by throwing in a few little extras:

  • Offer free laundry powder and free use of the washing machine/ dryer.
  • Put together a family-friendly guide to your local area with parks, affordable restaurants and attractions listed as well as the nearest public transport hubs. Think supermarkets and soft-play centres!
  • Can you provide any entertainment for the youngsters? A selection of books and family board games are a great start. Most families will also appreciate a DVD player and some family friendly films to watch or a games console with some family friendly video games. A box of clean, safe toys and some colouring-in materials is also a welcome touch.

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Do families know where to find you?

If you do want to attract families and you’ve made sure you cater for any needs, make sure you’re selling yourself. Don’t just assume parents will read through your whole listing – make sure you spell it out – if not in the heading, then definitely at the beginning of the listing.


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