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Ship Shape & Bristol Fashion

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Ship Shape & Bristol Fashion

written on 22/12/2016 3:12pm

featuring Bristol Upholstery Collective

This week we got to ask another beautiful Bristol based designer a few questions about what inspires them and why they love Bristol so much. As a Property Management company we are always looking for new ideas and designs to inspire our creative landlords to provide incredible, unique homes for their guests.

With the current competition for Airbnb properties in Bristol we have found that the homes with a unique flair & character have been the most popular. Filling your home with antiques, homemade and restored pieces give our guests the home away from home feeling that they desire.
Check out our question & answer session below with Leigh-Anne Treadwell, Managing Director of Bristol Upholstery Collection.
Where does your love for upholstery come from?
My love for upholstery comes from a craving to constantly create, renew and transform. Having a Fine Art degree, and always making ideas a reality, upholstery was a subject I began hammering whilst running The Old Duke Jazz Pub. It was a productive way to express ideas and practice a traditional skill in my spare time.
What inspired you to set up the Bristol Upholstery Collective?
My desperate need for space to create, inspired the creation of Bristol Upholstery Collective. After a few years struggling, either in isolation working from home or being part of an enjoyable Art studio community (not particularly ‘set up’ for traditional upholstery), my need for efficient industry space grew. I love being surrounded by talented, enthusiastic people with great ideas and positivity, and once I had graduated from the School for Social Entrepreneurs, I had evidence that a co-working space would enable not just my own practice, but also the livelihoods and wellbeing of others.
The idea was to make a world of creative opportunities by sharing resources to encourage skilled practitioners to ‘play’ with their skills and love what they do, affordably.
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What is your favourite piece that you have upholstered?
With a particular desire to engage in unique collaborative ideas, my favourite upholstery projects are those in which I work with Artists and Designers. I have had the opportunity to work with local Bristol Artist and surface Pattern designer, Matt Manson, Totnes artist, Yvonne Coomber, producing a home interiors product range, and creating colourful commercial spaces such as Spike Island Café in Bristol with Shape Studios designers & makers.
BeFunky Collage
Who is your inspiration?
I’m inspired by my students and fellow upholsterers. I find helping people achieve their best, highly rewarding. By creating an encouraging and inspiring environment, it’s a treat to continuously meet new people and bounce ideas… but my main inspiration is my mother. I inherited her social personality and positive attitude to life, making it meaningful. She’s very talented, although she has never realized.
What do you love most about Bristol ?
Bristol has an enormous creative buzz. I love its thriving local talent and tireless calendar of independent Art, Music, Theatre and Food celebrations. I love it’s community and grass roots initiatives. It’s a city of ‘movers and shakers’, with an incredible energy to realize dreams.
What are your top 3 haunts in Bristol ?
The Old Duke Jazz Pub – Kings Street.
St. Werburghs City Farm café – I love their ‘Tasty Tales’ events.
Bristol Upholstery Collective is truly an inspration to all the entrepreneurs out there who may be a little aprehensive about taking the leap to make their dreams a reality. With passion and drive you can achieve anything!
Leigh-Anne and her team were recenctly part of a project for the BBC show Money for Nothing which is due to be broadcasted in February/March 2017. Below is a picutre of Leigh-Anne with presenter of the show Sarah Moore, winner of the Great British interior design challenge.
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If Leigh-Anne has given you itchy fingers for some upholstery then there are some exciting courses that you can get involved in, visit Bristol Upholstery Collective for more information or to join a course.
If you are using your unique bits of furniture to give a cosy look to your Airbnb property but don't want the hassle of arranging cleaning, dealing with guest enquires and maintenance issues then Air 360 is the answer!
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