Top amenities to offer right now

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Top amenities to offer right now

written on 28/09/2020 2:01pm

Airbnb recently conducted a survey about what guests want from a property including the amenities which make their stay more enjoyable.

We wanted to share these so you can prepare your space accordingly for guests. These features may increase your bookings:

Top 3:

1. Wi-Fi:  As more people are working from home than ever before this is vital. Guests may be taking a break away from their home but still have to work during this time. So ensure your Wi-Fi is functional. We provide a guest handbook with login details for the Wi-Fi and our team are on hand to solve any issues that guests may have.

2. Parking:  Free parking in Bristol is like gold dust. Most of our properties are in residential parking areas so we provide permits for all of our guests, we ensure all listings are up to date with parking information. We send more detailed info with booking confirmation so guests feel prepared long before arriving– and will always find a way to make it work for our guests.

3. Kitchen:  Although restaurants are beginning to open up and become more popular not everyone feels comfortable to go to them. So it’s important to have a private kitchen which is well stocked with crockery, pots, pans and utensils. All of our properties have kitchens – with a full list of utensils and amenities and these are all scrupulously cleaned. Again our team are happy to answer any further questions guests may have.

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Other things to consider:

4.  Garden / outdoor area:  while social distancing is still advised where possible guests seem to prefer properties with outdoor areas – especially when the weather is nice! It might be a good idea to offer outdoor furniture and a barbeque to attract more attention to your listing.

5. Cleaning supplies:  Although people are ready to travel – they may still be cautious and whilst we clean thoroughly between guests some may like to have supplies accessible to clean throughout their stay. Hand sanitisers and anti-bacterial wipes are most important. We also offer mid-stay cleans to long stay guests in order for them to feel as comfortable as possible.

6. Family and child friendly amenities : Not all of our properties are suitable and we make this decision with the landlord. But those which are we offer cots, highchairs and other items which make children and their parents feel more looked after and mean they don’t have to bring everything with them.

7. Pet friendly amenities:  The same applies as above – our listings state clearly whether properties are pet friendly, those which are get extra attention when being cleaned!

8. Amenities for remote workers: Fast Wi-Fi is vital at the moment, a nice desk or laptop friendly working space, a coffee machine or kettle. We try to provide these options at as many of our properties as possible.

Having even a few of these amenities can make a huge difference to the popularity of your listing and boost your ratings in guest reviews. Our team are always on hand to make suggestions and improvements to your property.


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