What guests want - and how we help you achieve it.

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What guests want - and how we help you achieve it.

written on 17/08/2020 1:06pm

Airbnb has been back up and running for over a month now, and in this time there’s been some changes.

We are busier than ever, it’s not straightforward to travel abroad at the moment so city breaks within the UK are becoming increasingly popular. Bristol is a fantastic city with lots to offer – including the incredible properties we look after. At current times we think it is vital to reassure your guests and our team are here to make that process easier. We are adapting listings and constantly making changes in order to make sure everyone feels as safe and happy as possible – whilst keeping the charm and homeliness of our properties intact. We have come up with a list of what guests value most at the moment, in order to make your property as appealing as possible, here is what guests are looking for in their Airbnb: 

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Guests want the reassurance that they can cancel their bookings penalty free as travel restrictions are constantly changing. Our team are always available to change dates and help guests find other places to stay If they would like to extend – which they often do! This also includes last minute bookings; recently almost one-third of bookings have been made within a week of travel. We like to give all our landlords the options to adapt their booking settings. However, we recommend using instant booking and having a moderate cancellation policy which means free cancellations up to two weeks before check in in order to fit guests needs best at this time. 

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We all need to be careful and cautious at this time. At air360 the majority of the properties we look after rent out their entire home, we feel that this is the safest option in Coronavirus times – we want to protect our landlords, guests and staff as best we can. However, we have the capacity to adapt and offer smaller spaces within homes to Airbnb. We offer self-check in and out where possible in order to encourage social distancing. We also need guests to have provided ID before booking so we know exactly who is staying in all of our properties. 

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This is more important than ever before. We have elevated our cleaning routines at all of our properties and our housekeeping team have all been given additional training. We have chosen to commit to airbnb’s enhanced cleaning protocol in order to reassure guests that they are in good hands. We have updated all of our listings to reflect this. We also try to leave as long as possible between guests and all of our housekeepers wear full PPE to clean. 

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We want you as landlords to feel as confident as ever in our services at this time – if not more so! Our occupancy rates are higher than ever and we are so busy that we need more properties to fill the demand we have! So if you are a prospective landlord thinking about using Airbnb to rent out your property please drop us a message as we can make the whole process simpler for you! 

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