What makes a great Airbnb host?

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What makes a great Airbnb host?

written on 29/03/2018 4:59pm

Imagine looking for a place to stay and not checking the past reviews? At Air 360 we really understand the importance of positive reviews and how this can influence future bookings and subsequent revenue. Airbnb reviews are not only affected by the facilities the in accommodation itself, but are also affected by how good the host was.

At Air 360 it is our job to make sure we are great hosts so we can get great reviews, happy guests and happy landlords! We want our landlords to get the most out of their properties, so we suggest making simple changes to the accommodation to make it feel as homey and as welcoming as possible. We find soft furnishings like cushions and throws really make a big difference, as well as art and fresh flowers or plants.

Alistair has some great art in his Airbnb!

Arriving to a new city can be daunting to anyone, so we think it is helpful to provide a welcome handbook with personalised details of the area. This welcome package provides useful information for the guests, such as explaining certain parts of the accommodation (e.g. Heating system), as well personal recommendations on what to see and do in the area. The more we can enhance a guests’ experience, the more likely they are to return and spread a good word!

jane 60
As soon you walk into Jane's there is a handbook waiting on the table with everything guests need to know about the Airbnb and the local area. We think that the plant in the corner photographs really well too!

As a landlord you can put your mind at rest in the knowledge that we strive to make sure our guests are looked after from start to finish. First and foremost we ensure property is thoroughly prepared for guests; clean and stocked up on essentials such as loo rolls, hand wash etc. If there is anything missing or broken our cleaning team notifies us straight away so our efficient maintenance team can sort any problems out before the new guests arrive.

We believe that check-ins and check-outs should be as easy as possible and guests should be able to come and go as they please (access to the Airbnb property is generally given via a key box). However, we think that the best hosts are still attentive and responsive should a guest need any extra information during their stay. Therefore at Air360 we have a 24 hour help line so guests are always in safe hands. There’s nothing worse than having arrived at an unfamiliar place and encountering a problem and a host being unhelpful!

After each guest has departed we encourage them to provide feedback so we can become better hosts. We constantly look to update our approach to keep in line with Airbnb guidelines, and will update our landlords as and when required. Ultimately we want our guests to have the best experience possible, and for landlords to have hassle-free income.

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